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5 Practical Benefits of Having Home Automation Gadgets

  The internet has brought the development of Home Automation into a tremendous leap. Great minds have invented the Internet of Things (IoT), a term coined by Kevin Ashton on a network of physical devices communicating with each other within a single platform and network and Home Automation is a product of this. The recent…

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25 Best Home Organizing Ideas

  Home Organization is a broad task and it is not as simple as dusting off and dumping your clutter in the trash. You probably get overwhelmed thinking on where to start. Organizing your home needs to be well planned and something that needs to be focused on. Here are the Best Home Organizing Ideas:…

By Steve April 23, 2019 2

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Home…a safe sanctuary for our families and pets, where you and your family can be secure, where memories are built. Be it a tiny, huge, extravagant or modest place, home is the foundation where everything rises. OUR DREAM HOME. The first home we had as a couple was a small rented apartment. Having a small…

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