5 Practical Benefits of Having Home Automation Gadgets

May 5, 2019 12 By Steve


The internet has brought the development of Home Automation into a tremendous leap. Great minds have invented the Internet of Things (IoT), a term coined by Kevin Ashton on a network of physical devices communicating with each other within a single platform and network and Home Automation is a product of this.

The recent development on Home Automation systems has been amazing and companies like Apple, Microsoft, Google and Amazon, competing to bring into our homes the best smart home ecosystem devices, continue to develop various home automation products. With more products out in the market, choosing which gadgets are suitable for your home becomes a bit complicated. But is there really a need to equip your home with these gadgets? Let’s understand what Home Automation is and how it affects the way we live.

What Home Automation Gadgets do.

Most home automation devices are geared towards providing access to your home conveniently. With the impressive evolution of the integration of mobile technology into standard home fixtures, cooldreamhome-smartphonealarm system and appliances, remote access to your home from anywhere in the world is now at one’s fingertips.

Home automation provides a smart automated system for a home that takes control of lights, appliances, entertainment systems, security systems and thermostats – over the internet. With a home automation system, you are able to program and schedule events for each smart device connected to your network and with companies continuously advancing towards creating devices that can connect using a single software platform, you will be able to set up your home to have a controlled and smart environment.

The Benefits of Having Home Automation Gadgets.

We used to consider having home automation devices as a comfort. But with the benefits of having these devices, it has now become a need for each home. Let us take a closer look on the benefits of Home Automation:

  1. The convenience of being able to access and control almost everything in your home from a mobile device or via a digital assistant that can be voice-controlled.
  2. Remote access and monitoring of your home. Smart home devices can provide real time information to mobile applications while you are away, such as your security system’s current status, real-time security camera recordings and literally view what’s going on in your home.
  3. Most Home Automation devices have their own monitoring apps. These apps provide a lot of information about your home, from a real-time status to a history of what transpired in the past.
  4. These amazing home automation gadgets are now able to take care of tasks for us when we are away from home. They provide information on home energy usage and they can warm up the oven or adjust the home temperature before you even get home. These means being able to save on bills by cutting your energy costs and control your home devices, appliances, security system, lighting, temperature, etc., even when you are away from home (for instance, if you have forgotten turning off the lights or an oven, you can switch off all of them remotely using your mobile app).
  5. Home automation gives you the ability to control objects around the house with just a single push of the button and some with just simply walking into a room (for instance, your lights turns on, the music plays or temperature turns up as you arrive home once your home system detects the location of your mobile phone).

Best Home Automation Gadgets for a Smarter Home

Here are the Best Home Automation Gadgets that you can use to make your home smarter.

  • Home Security Systems: Newer companies have joined the Home Security Systems market. All are now offering remote access from a mobile apps and packages include cameras, smoke, flood and carbon monoxide detectors and door locks – all accessible from mobile applications. A few of the Smart Home Security Companies are:
    • Protect America
    • Frontpoint
    • Nest
    • Vivint
    • Digital Life (AT & T)
    • ADT
    • Link Interactive
    • SimpliSafe
    • Armorax
    • Ring Wi-Fi Doorbells with Camera
  • Home Thermostats Systems: Thermostats are now able to automatically detects your personal schedule and usage habits. They can now be controlled from your mobile apps and help you save energy. Here are some Smart Thermostats available in the market:
  • Home Entertainment Systems: Smart Entertainment Systems includes Smart TVs, Speakers, Smart Hubs and Device Controls. Below are some popular Smart Entertainment Systems:
    • Smart TVs from Samsung, Sony, LG, Vizio, Toshiba, Panasonic etc
    • Voice controlled smart hubs and audio devices like Google Home, Amazon Echo Dot, and Samsung Smart Things
    • Streaming devices like Google Chromecast, Fire TV, Roku, Apple TV.
    • Smart Speakers like Sonos, JBL, Bose, Polk and speakers like Google Home, Amazon Echo Dot and Apple HomePod which have integrated functions of a digital assistant while serving as speakers and voice controlled hub for other devices.
  • Smart Home Appliances like Ovens and Refrigerators. The most popular smart appliances are listed below:
    • Samsung Family Hub Smart Fridge
    • LG SmartThing / Super-Cap
    • GE Cafe Series Smart Fridge
    • Samsung Flex Duo Oven
    • LG Electronics Smart Double Oven
    • Whirlpool Smart Oven
    • I-Robot Vacuum Cleaners
  • Smart Switches and Plugs: If you want to cut Energy Cost, having smart switches and plugs will help you achieve this. These devices can remotely be turned on and off remotely. The popular smart switches and plugs are listed below:
    • Belkin Wemo Mini Smart Plug
    • iDevices Switch
    • Lutron Caseta Wireless Smart Dimmer Switch
    • Samsung Smart Things Outlet
    • TP-Link Kasa Smart Plug
    • Conico Mini WiFi Smart Outlet
    • Ankuoo Neo Wi-Fi Switch
  • Smart Lighting Systems: Investing on smart lighting will not only help you save on energy cost but also the experience of adding colors and controlling brightness and warmth of your lights via a smart phone app or by using voice commands. Listed below are the most popular Smart Lighting Systems in the market:
    • Phillips Hue (Smart Bulbs with Bridge/Hub)
    • Sylvania
    • C by GE
    • Wiz
    • Lifx
  • Home Air and Water Quality Monitoring systems: New devices have emerged in the market that are bundled with not only monitoring the levels of bad particles in the air but also works as an air purifier. Smart water treatment system have also emerged which has revolutionized the way people drink water at home. Here are some of these smart gadgets:
    • Dyson Pure Cool – Monitors and purifies indoor air
    • Xiaomi Air Purifier
    • Netatmo Healthy Home Coach
    • Hydrolink by EcoWater Systems – monitors and treats your home water system.

What Makes Home Automation Worth It.

Would it be awesome if all the devices in your life could connect to the internet and we are able to monitor and control them from a smartphone app? From smartphones and computers to everything like lights, doorbells, clocks, weighing scales, speakers, security cameras, windows, blinds, hot water heaters, appliances, having Home Automation Services on one’s fingertips will provide all sorts of benefits. Here the major reasons that makes home automation worth it.

  • Convenience and Comfort: Home Automation Systems provides comfort and convenience at home. After a long and stressful day at work, your home becomes a peaceful and comfortable sanctuary. During rush hours when we forget to turn off lights, sometimes garage doors, front door locks, coffee pots and TVs before leaving your home, your automation system detects them and automatically shut them off for you.
  • Security: Home Automation Systems provides more security for a safer home and peace of mind, especially when you are out of town. These systems provide real-time monitoring of your home and unwanted guests usually avoid homes that are well-protected.
  • Energy & Monetary Savings: Home Automation Systems can save you money on utility bills (Water , Electricity & Gas). A smart system can control your thermostat, watering schedules, thus enabling you to monitor your energy usage. In most cases, you will be able to pay for the cost of these systems over time.

The Future.

With the swift technology advancement nowadays, Home Automation will be a fixture in all future homes. Statistics show a significant increase on the use of Home Automation Systems. Alarm System Companies have abandoned the wired systems and all their services now come with a smartphone application. As most companies are working on the invention of smart alternatives on almost everything we use every day, the world is leaning towards energy conservation which can be attained using IoT-based devices like devices in all Home Automation Systems. With the benefits they provide us, the invention of newer and smarter Home Automation Devices continue and they will be in our homes for the future.