25 Best Home Organizing Ideas

April 23, 2019 2 By Steve


Home Organization is a broad task and it is not as simple as dusting off and dumping your clutter in the trash. You probably get overwhelmed thinking on where to start. Organizing your home needs to be well planned and something that needs to be focused on. Here are the Best Home Organizing Ideas:

6 Best Home Organizing Ideas for your Living Room.



The Living Room is probably the only place in the house that we always keep tidy as this is where visitors are welcomed. It is a shared space for receiving visitors, a place to relax, entertain, exercise and sometimes eat. As such, this shared area is most likely to have the most clutter like magazines, unread and piled up mails and paper bills, game boards, toys, etc. Below is a list of Home Organizing Ideas for the Living Room:

  • Get rid of everything that does not belong in your living room – any object that contradicts to your Living Room design/accent or objects that belong in another room. Mails that arrive in the mailbox and are left on the living room table must be immediately sorted, that is, shredding or recycling the junk mails and the keepers are placed into an assigned spot, like pocket organizers which you can stick on the inside of kitchen cabinet doors.
  • Use large coffee tables with either drawers or one that has a lower-lever tier. cooldreamhomeThese spaces are excellent places to stash magazines, books, board games, photo albums, coasters and other small items that you do not want cluttered on the surface space of the coffee table. You can put dividers in these drawers to keep everything organized.
  • Make a storage for loose objects. If you see items that belongs to the living room but there is no storage place for them, make one. Remote controls are loose items that belongs to the living room. You can build-your-own wooden remote caddy to get the right size for your remote controls. Another alternative is to purchase pre-made wooden caddies or get a couch caddy. You can also use a decorative tray which can break up the space of a huge coffee table and provides a spot for your remote controls, books and more.
  • For people who just do not have time to clear out the clutter in the Living Room, you can maintain a huge clutter holder or bin. An attractive oversize storage basket can work wonders. Tuck this basket in a corner and throw away magazines, books and other items when not in use and for sorting out at a later time.cooldreamhome
  • Add more decorative baskets, wicker baskets or storage ottomans. There are various sizes of decorative baskets and storage ottomans in the market and are the perfect storage solution for your Living Room clutter. You can use them to store firewood, pillows and blankets.
  • Organize and hide TV cords and cables. You can use zip ties, a hollowed book box or any cable box organizer to hide cables and wires. There are several products available in the market that can help you organize your living room cables. Tucking them out of sight keeps your Living Room space tidy and organized.

7 Best Organizing Ideas for your Kitchen and Pantry.



Organizing the Kitchen and Pantry is a tedious task if you do not stay on top of things in these areas of your home. A lot of people seem to have a perfectly clean and tidy kitchen at all times. The secret of a clean and tidy Kitchen and Pantry is by cleaning continuously. It sounds overwhelming but eventually in the long run, it will make your Kitchen Organizing much easier. Here are the Best Organizing Ideas for your Kitchen and Pantry:

  • Get rid of anything expired and rotten in your fridge. Remove food that is no longer edible before adding new food items. Purge the crisper drawer of any rotting vegetables or fruits. This will keep your fridge from becoming overcrowded and will help you cut down on food waste. Use clear and stackable storage containers to maximize your fridge space.
  • cooldreamhomeOrganize your Kitchen Cabinets. Use Kitchen Drawer Organizers and Shelf Organizers to save space. Divide drawers and define your zones. Stack like items and group similar objects together in one zone. Below is an example of zoning in the Kitchen:
    • Everyday use zone: This cabinet should be the easiest to access and closest to the sink and dishwasher. Plates, cups, cutlery, bowls, glasses and serve wares can go at this zone.
    • Cooking ware zone: This cabinet should be closes to the oven or range. Pots, pans, cutting boards, measuring cups, mixing bowls and baking items can go here.
    • Coffee and Bar zone: You can store in this cabinet zone the Coffee Cups, Coffee Accessories like filters and pods, wine glasses, shot glasses and bar accessories’.
    • Storage and Accessories: This zone should be nearest the Fridge. Tupperware, food storage, food wraps, Ziploc bags, tin foil and to go items are examples of what to go in this zone.
    • Special Items zone:This zone is where the least use kitchen gadgets are stored preferably located at the highest shelves
  • Get rid of old kitchen gadgets that you don’t use. If you do not want to completely get rid of them, move them to the highest shelves. The same goes with specialty kitchen appliances that you seldom use. If you have appliances that you don’t use, you need to let them go. No matter how you would like to use it, chances are you are not going to in the future. You can donate or recycle them or give them to an aspiring chef. One secret of an organized Kitchen is streamlining your gadget.
  • Clear your pantry of anything you’re not actively using like spices that you have not touched in a year or a bag of flour that’s never been used. If you are not a baker, do not buy too much baking supplies that occupies a lot of space. Dump anything past its prime. Similar to how the kitchen cabinets are zoned (see above), divide the Pantry into zones. Stack shelves just like the grocery store does. Place the newer items behind the older stuffs.
  • cooldreamhomeOrganize your spices and staple dry goods in your Pantry. You can arrange your herbs and spices to help you find what you need when you are in the middle of a cooking session. You can arrange them alphabetically, by cuisine or by brand. Sort out your staple dry goods like sugar, flour, pasta, oatmeal, beans and nuts by putting them in airtight and labeled stackable containers. This will free up a lot of your Pantry space.
  • Organize your under-the-sink storage. The cabinet under the sink is where cleaning supplies, extra hand soap, garbage bags and dish washing stuffs are stored. This space under the sink is an awkward space which is a suitable area for storing spray bottles and liquid cleaners in canisters.
  • Store Plastic Bags. There are several decorative plastic bag holders available in the market. Use them to store plastic bags for re-use. Pick those that occupies a minimum space inside cabinets and can be mounted at the back of kitchen cabinet doors.

6 Best Organizing Ideas for your Bedrooms.


You start and end your day in a Bedroom. Keeping your room organized, tranquil and calm will keep you more relaxed and stress-free. A disorganized and cluttered bedroom is the enemy of a calming and relaxed environment. The following Best Home Organizing Ideas for the bedroom will help you maintain a clutter-free, tranquil and relaxed bedroom environment:

  • Keep your work space as far away from your sleeping space as possible. The bedroom is a place to relax and sleep. If you want to put a desk or a small work area in your bedroom, keep the work area and rest space clearly defined.
  • Organize your Bedroom Closet:
    • Purge your wardrobe closet. Sort out your clothes into categories like shirts, pants, dresses, sweaters, etc then sort through each item in a single category before moving to the next category. As you go through each category, put them back on new hangers. Switch your clothes over to the slimmer hangers as they use less space. As you go through the sorting process, get rid of the clothes that you have not worn in a year or those that don’t fit you anymore and drop them off at Goodwill. Remove all items that have no business in your closet.
    • If you have lots of floor space because of short-hanging pieces, you can utilize this space with a little dresser or a shoe rack.
    • Make use of the upper shelf. Get shelf dividers so you can turn the shelf into divided segments that you can use to stack folded clothing or they can keep handbags upright and easily accessible.
    • All your accessories’ (Belts, scarves, hats, purses, etc) that do not have a drawer or spot in the closet can end up anywhere in the room and closet. Purchase a hanging accessories’ organizer or install hooks on the side of the closet to keep the smallest members of your wardrobe organized.
  • If you have space under your bed, use it. Store out-of season clothing under the bed. You can also utilize rolling bins under the bed where you can store clothing and accessories’. This will free up some space in your bedroom.cooldreamhome
  • If you have plenty of floor space in the bedroom, consider using decorative baskets for extra pillows and racks for your blankets.
  • Ditch old electronics accessories’ and parts. Most of us have drawers where mysterious cords, chargers and other electronic bits and pieces are dumped. Get rid of these mystery electronics and free up the space for better uses.
  • Put a hamper and a garbage bin in your bedroom. The hamper will help clothes stay organized and not scattered around the bedroom. The garbage bin will keep small scraps of paper or tissues contained.

5 Best Organizing Ideas for your Bathrooms.

Bathrooms are easy to organize. Keeping your bathroom organized can inspire you to devote a little more time to your self-care routine. Here are some Best Home Organization ideas for your Bathrooms:

  • Add an innovative towel storage. If you have space above your toilet water cooldreamhomecloset, opt for a decorative modern ladder shelves and use the empty space above the toilet. Utilize the shelves for more towels and other toilet decorations.
  • Organize your medicine cabinet: You can use your medicine cabinet for things you use and need regularly. Try make your Counter top clutter-free by utilizing the space in the medicine cabinet. You can also add storage to your medicine cabinet. Use stick-on organizing pods at the back of the medicine cabinet door. Magnetic strips can also be used to hold your tweezers, nail clippers, bobby pins and eyelash curlers.
  • Organize your bathroom drawers: Use drawer dividers. They help keep your stuffs organized. They make it much quicker and easier to locate what you need.
  • You can utilize the space under your bathroom sink: Hairs dryers, combs and other hair products that can easily create a clutter in drawers and on counter tops can be organized under the sink. Buy a plastic or wooden tub and load it up with your supplies. If you need to fix your hair, you can just take out the whole tub and keep it back without making a mess. The same thing applies to shaving supplies. They can be contained in a separate tub.
  • Organize your shower and bathtub: Shampoo, conditioner, razor, body scrub, etc must be within easy reach hence you need a reliably stable organizers or caddies. If your shower area is getting filled of products, consider streamlining and ditch shampoos and conditioners that are not being used. Rarely used items can be stored in the bathroom under-sink space.


There are a lot of ways to organize your home but getting started is the hardest part of being organized. However, once you get used to organizing your home and turns into a habit, it becomes second nature and you can easily organize without even thinking about it. Keeping the home organized is about efficiency. By being organized, you save time, money and improving your overall quality of life.